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Aquaplane receives the seal of approval from Turtle Tots

Aquaplane receives the seal of approval from Turtle Tots

It has been Aquaplane’s most successful year to date, and we have even more exciting news in the pipeline!

This month we are proud to announce that Aquaplane received the seal of approval from Swim teaching company Turtle Tots.

“Aquaplane has been on trial with several Turtle Tots Licensees. Teachers absolutely loved the multi-use aspect and affordability of the Aquaplane in their lessons.”

“I am thrilled to hear great feedback from such a large organisation as Turtle Tots.”

“The feedback received from parents and teachers has now been recognised by the Turtle Tots company, creating this fantastic partnership.” Chris Shore Director Aquaplane

“Several Turtle Tots licensees trialled the Aquaplane, and as result of the positive feedback we have added the Aquaplane as a recommended item on the Turtle Tots teacher kit list.” Caroline Sparks Co-Founder Turtle Tots.
This endorsement will see AquaPlanes being used at several Turtle Tots locations across the UK, so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully you will see them in action!

Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots is a unique and innovative swimming programme that begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be and continues with our specialised and progressive baby and toddler lessons, taught by our team of highly trained teachers, who have completed comprehensive Turtle Tots aquatic training, in addition to training with the Swimming Teachers’ Association.

Turtle Tots lessons have a strong focus on teaching lifesaving skills from a young age, we help babies and toddlers learn the skills they need to help keep them safe in and around water, until they are able to swim independently.

At Turtle Tots, we teach you to teach your baby or toddler to swim, at a pace that is right for them, in a gentle progressive way. Our lessons host a non-competitive environment that fosters strong bonding, trust, respect and communication leading to a lifelong love of the water.

Please use the links below to find out more information.

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Aqua Natal Swimming

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