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AquaPlane is a multi-functional swim float designed for children aged three and upwards, with a minimum weight of 15kg. For beginners, AquaPlane is used as a back float to help swimmers feel confident and supported in the water. Kids can float vertically and it won't tip them forward.

Because arms and legs are free it encourages children to swim naturally from the start, and as their swimming skills get stronger and more of the float is above the water the swimmer becomes self-supported. 

AquaPlane Reviews Blogs and Influencers

AquaPlane can be used for all four strokes, including back stroke where it works to support the swimmer from beneath. 

Once the child has mastered the basics, the straps can be removed and AquaPlane can be used as a kick board to improve technique and stamina. Of course, with it's fun aeroplane shape it also makes a great toy for chasing, jumping and playing with. 

Thanks to the multi-functionality of AquaPlane it is the only float that kids need to fly from beginner to swimmer. 

You can read our parents guide to AquaPlane here

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