Aquaplane’s Endorsement from Jonny Carlisle

Aquaplane’s Endorsement from Jonny Carlisle


One of Aquaplane’s huge design advantages is the low profile wide shape, which enables more support the children as a back-float when learning to swim on their back. We decided that to give the Aquaplane the credentials it deserves, that we would look at seeking expert advice in the form of National Back-stroke Champion Jonny Carlisle.

Jonny Carlisle endorses Aquaplane

Aquaplane has been on trial with Back-stroke expert Jonny at his swim school Swim City. At first we wanted to hear Jonny’s opinion on the Aquaplane when used for teaching children to swim on their back. Subsequently Jonny has traded in all his other swimming aids for Aquaplanes instead, proving how much he loved the product and believed in the multi-use advantages it has over other swimming aids on the market.

Jonny has swam at the highest level in swimming representing his country mutliple times.He is Level 2 trained in swimming, helping out at the North East Beacon program, teaching some of the best swimmers in the region. He also helps out at City of Sunderland swimming club where he coaches national medalist swimmers.

Some of his exact feedback below;

“Aquaplane is a amazing product what can last all the way through a child's swimming journey. Not only is it a great peace of kit what helps introduce a child to water, it is also an impressive kick board. That is why myself and my company SWIM CITY ENDORSE and use the Aquaplane. If you don’t have one I would highly recommend you purchasing one for your child!” Jonny Carlisle, Swim City Co-Owner. 

Chris Shore, Aquaplane’s Inventor and Director responded “The endorsement from Jonny, with his credentials, experience and teaching knowledge further strengthens  the advantages of Aquaplane’s multi-use design. My original Aquaplane design was created to give more support to the child when swimming on their back. This ergonomic shape has been highlighted by many of our swim school partners, but to have an official endorsement from Jonny is amazing!”

Aquaplane ENdorsement

Swim City operate from the Swim England National scheme of work, which is proving to be a big hit with Jonny. If you are in the North East, I would highly recommend giving Swim City a call to get booked on to their lessons.

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Thank you for your on-going support, Team Aquaplane!

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