AquaPlane Lands in Over 150 Swim Schools

AquaPlane Lands in Over 150 Swim Schools

Covid has played such a big part this year in the swim industry.

Swim Schools and Leisure Centres closed….meaning equipment sales such as AquaPlane were effected!

Since the re-opening of Leisure Centres and Swim Schools across the U.K. has seen an influx of orders, and we have already caught up on sales missed during Covid.

AquaPlane is now proudly used in over 150 swim schools in the UK.

With lifetime record of sales since August, has welcomed both old and new customers using AquaPlane as part of the social distancing swimming lessons. 

”It’s a pleasure to see AquaPlane enabling Swim Schools across the U.K. to provide a safe, fun and effective swimming environment. Yes we have had a tricky couple of months, but now the future seems brighter than ever for AquaPlane” Chris Shore, Director.

”AquaPlane has played a huge part for our swim school to return to the pool and provide Safe swimming lessons following Swim England’s and the Swim Teacher Association guidance of social distancing when teaching. We have also encouraged parents to purchase their own AquaPlane to save the risk of spreading the virus, keeping their children extra safe, which has also been a welcomed income at the same time” Independent swim school.

We are very much looking forward to the rest of the year, welcoming more swim schools onboard using AquaPlane in their curriculum. 


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