AquaPlane Swimming Aid For Children - What is AquaPlane?

AquaPlane Swimming Aid For Children - What is AquaPlane?

AquaPlane is a revolutionary swimming float for children that makes learning to swim fun and easy. Kids love the fun shape and are reassured by having the same float throughout their learn to swim journey. 

What is the AquaPlane Swim Aid Used For? 

AquaPlane is a foam swimming float with multiple uses! It starts as a back float to support kids as they develop water confidence. The adjustable velcro straps hold AquaPlane safely on the child's back and allow them to float upright in the water. You should always directly supervise your child when they are using AquaPlane. 

floating upright with Aquaplane

How do Kids Learn with AquaPlane? 

Once children are comfortable floating vertical with AquaPlane they can start to use their arms and legs to paddle around - with their head up - with AquaPlane on their back. The child is completely in control, as if they lean backwards AquaPlane will hold them in a vertical position. 

swimming with aquaplane

How do Kids Progress with AquaPlane? 

As water confidence grows the child can start to swim face down, slowly breathing out and using their arms and legs to swim. This introduces the child to the natural swimming position from the start, while the AquaPlane helps them stay buoyant. The more the child improves, the less they need the AquaPlane as a back float - in fact, the higher the AquaPlane is out of the water the less it is supporting the child and the more independently the child is swimming! 

Who Can Use AquaPlane?

AquaPlane is typically suitable for children aged 3 and upwards, or who weigh over 15kgs. The important thing to make sure is that the nose of the plane is no higher than the top of the shoulders. The straps should be below the arm pits to avoid discomfort. 

aquaplane as a kick board

How Do You Train with AquaPlane? 

The unique thing about AquaPlane is that it is both a back float AND a kick board. By removing the straps it can be used as a standard swimming kick board to improve technique and stamina. It can also be used as a front float with or without straps for backstroke arms and legs. 

aquaplane front float

How Do You Look After an AquaPlane Swim Float? 

Cared for properly AquaPlane will last for years. The strong closed-cell foam is tough and durable. Rinsing AquaPlane straps with fresh water after it has been in the pool will help to prolong their life, and if replacement straps are needed these are available to buy and easy to replace. 

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