AquaPlane Swimming Aid vs Armbands

AquaPlane Swimming Aid vs Armbands

We all remember having armbands as a child, RIGHT?
If you are considering a swimming aid for swimming lessons or for use on holiday there are quite a few floatation aids to choose from. Swimming aids are recognised as the best way for kids to learn to swim, so which is best…and what’s wrong with the traditional method of armbands ?

Ease of Fitting
The old favourite is armbands which most adults today would have experienced and therefore know how difficult they are to put on and how uncomfortable they are. You have to spend time inflating them (and subsequently deflating), and then there’s the battle to fit the child’s arm through the armband once blown up. They are never easy and will always take at least a few minutes to prepare and put on. This takes up valuable time in swimming lessons (or the holiday pool) and there is significant risk that the child loses interest, becomes impatient and the moment is lost.

The AquaPlane swimming aid is worn as a back-float to develop the most important learning factor, confidence. AquaPlane’s design encourages the correct swimming position and allows freedom for the arms to be used. Children feel supported as they take their first steps towards learning to swim. As swimmers perfect their technique and hold themselves higher in the water, the float is needed less and less.

AquaPlane saves time and patience! The simple straps fit easily around the child’s torso and are fully adjustable so they fit comfortably, no ungainly tubes on their arms and no restriction of movement. And it looks cool…unlike armbands.

Learning to Swim
It is hard to develop floatation confidence and learn the proper swimming strokes, even doggy paddle, when your arms are restricted, freedom of movement is essential.
When wearing the AquaPlane children feel supported, they can move freely and the child can then confidently swim on their front or back, knowing that if they change their body position the AquaPlane will hold them vertically.

It Looks Cool!
Ok, we might be slightly biased, but children will find it really cool to be wearing an AquaPlane in the pool. Children of all ages will love it’s simplicity, design and vibrant colours. And when sufficiently confident the child can use the AquaPlane as a float to help develop strength and technique.

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