How to Support Your Child Through their Swimming Lessons

How to Support Your Child Through their Swimming Lessons

We've come up with some helpful tips on how to support your child whilst they are having swimming lessons: 
  • Go for family swims in between lessons.  Make them a fun activity that can be enjoyed together. It helps children develop their confidence around water together with them developing their swimming ability quicker.  If you have long stretches out of the water it could result in a loss of stamina and ability. 
  • As with everything children love being rewarded and to keep them motivated help celebrate any swimming milestones.  This in turn will help them look forward to their swimming lessons. 
  • If you are able to observe your child swimming encourage them with a wave and a thumbs up.  Talk to them afterwards about something positive you observed them do whilst in their lesson. 
  • Make sure you book your swimming lessons for a time that is convenient for other family commitments so you can easily stick to them. 
  • Expect to receive regular updates on your child's progression. If you feel your child is struggling talk to the swimming teacher and ask what you can may be do to help encourage them to keep progressing.
  • Before you start your swimming lessons try and visit the pool so that your child can become used to the environment. 
  • Learning how to swim should be fun so check with the swimming teacher before you book a block of lessons, that games and activities are regularly included within their programme of teaching. Ask other parents for recommendations. 

Swim aids for children

Once your child is water confident it is time to learn to swim and swim aids can be really helpful and kids love the fun learning experience. The AquaPlane float swim aid is designed to offer maximum support to the child in the water and is strapped to their back. As the child's arms are unrestricted AquaPlane helps children develop their technique and grow in strength and confidence.

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How Does AquaPlane Support Swimmers? 

Thanks to its unique shape, AquaPlane supports swimmers whatever their position in the water. The tapered aeroplane shape design offers support when the child is vertical in the water; they simply adjust their weight, lean back and the AquaPlane supports them. The child can then swim confidently on their front or back, safe in the knowledge that should they change their body position the AquaPlane will support them vertically. 


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