Key Benefits of the AquaPlane by Chris Cook

Key Benefits of the AquaPlane by Chris Cook

Chris Cook, Mentor, Speaker and Swimming Coach shares his experience of using the AquaPlane while teaching and lists the key benefits for children, swimming teachers and parents: 

  • This is a multi use product, super easy to store and transport too.
  • Aquaplane promotes a horizontal (swimming) body position, which is essential in learning how to swim. It really encourages the swimmer to place their face in the water.
  • It can be used across all 4 strokes and the water skills across the learn to swim pathway.
  • It’s designed and developed for the child’s whole swimming journey, gaining confidence in the Aquaplane at the start of their journey, and the swimming aid stays with them through the stages. We all know the importance of continuity, and how kids develop confidence in swimming aids. 
  • It can help to develop a swimmers core stability muscles as the swimmer is able to perform the swimming action with arms and legs free to perform the correct actions. This promotes balance and balance correction whilst the swimmer is moving through the water. 
  • Swimmers love using the Aquaplane to perform kick whilst holding it in their hands like a float. It adds such a cool element to the lesson instead of just using a plain float.
  • The Aquaplane allows for repetition to take place. This is essential because the nervous system in our bodies wants repetition in order to learn the correct action in order to perform it better next time. Aquaplane it great for this as it allows the swimmer to repeat key actions week on week. 

Chris Cook

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