Start using the AquaPlane Swimming Aid from Three-Year-Olds upwards

Start using the AquaPlane Swimming Aid from Three-Year-Olds upwards

The Aqua-Plane Swimming Aid is designed to provide water safety and swimming support for children from age 3 upwards.

Here's why it is beneficial for each age group:

Age 3:
1. Buoyancy support: The Aqua-Plane offers excellent buoyancy, helping children to float comfortably and maintain a horizontal position in the water. This provides young swimmers with confidence and stability while they learn to move in the water.

2. Water familiarisation: At this age, children are still getting used to the water environment. The Aqua-Plane allows them to explore and become more comfortable in the water while ensuring their safety.

3. Arm mobility: The Aqua-Plane's design keeps the child's arms free, allowing them to develop and strengthen their arm movements, such as paddling and reaching, which are fundamental skills for swimming.

Age 4:
1. Independence: As children grow, they gain more independence and seek opportunities to explore on their own. The Aqua-Plane enables them to practice swimming skills with minimal adult support, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

2. Propulsion and coordination: At this stage, children are ready to begin working on coordinated movements in the water. The Aqua-Plane encourages kicking and leg movements, helping them develop propulsion skills and coordination between their arms and legs.

3. Water safety: While swimming skills are being developed, safety remains a top priority. The Aqua-Plane provides an added layer of security by keeping the child afloat and minimising the risk of accidental submersion.

Age 5:
1. Skill refinement: By age 5, children are usually ready to refine their swimming techniques. The Aqua-Plane assists in maintaining proper body positioning and balance, allowing them to focus on refining their strokes and increasing their swimming efficiency.

2. Building endurance: As children become more confident and capable swimmers, they can use the Aqua-Plane to extend their swimming sessions, gradually building endurance and stamina.

3. Transition to independent swimming: The Aqua-Plane serves as a transitional aid, helping children bridge the gap between assisted swimming and independent swimming. It gives them the opportunity to practice and gain the necessary skills and confidence to swim without any assistance.

Obviously the above is a guide and dependent on when your child starts their learning to swim experience and every child is different.  Remember, while the Aqua-Plane is a valuable swimming aid, it should always be used under appropriate adult supervision to ensure the safety of children in the water.


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