When to Start Swimming Lessons for your Child

When to Start Swimming Lessons for your Child

Considering swimming lessons? Here's what you need to know...

With the sunny weather making way for autumn, it's the perfect time to transition from outdoor pools to indoor ones. If your little one has never had swimming lessons before, now is an excellent opportunity to start.

This time of year can be challenging in terms of finding activities to keep the kids occupied and entertained, as the weather can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Enrolling your children in swimming lessons for the autumn season ensures they have an energetic and enjoyable activity that doesn't involve sitting on a rain-soaked bench or navigating crowded soft play areas. As a bonus, they will gain confidence and skills that they can fully enjoy when the summer months roll around again, whether it's swimming in outdoor lidos or pools during holidays. Just pack a swimming costume, towel, and an AquaPlane in your bag, and you're all set!

We often hear about the benefits of starting swimming lessons early, especially with the popularity of baby lessons. However, if your children are older, don't let that discourage you. While lessons undoubtedly help with water fears, you know your child best, and if baby lessons weren't the right fit, starting when they are older is still a great option.

There's no "missed out" age for starting swimming lessons. While starting at a younger age is often preferred for learning water safety as well as swimming skills, there is no wrong time. Children are remarkable at picking up new skills, and with swimming, they often have so much fun that they hardly realize they're learning and exercising at the same time!

Why not check if there's a nearby class that offers a trial lesson to see if it's the right fit for your family? You'll often find that whenever you decide to start, it will be the best time to embark on swimming lessons.

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