AquaPlane Swim Float

Review from Tracey Belcher

Tracey has two grandchildren, a grandson aged 5 and a granddaughter aged 4, and she kindly wrote a review on her experience with using the AquaPlanes: 

"When these first arrived my grandchildren were excited by both the vibrant colour but more the thought that they could pretend to be ‘seaplanes’ in the pool with them on their backs!  This was brilliant because my grandson can be nervous of trying ‘new concepts’ but was really eager to put this on!

Once in the pool the children held on to the bar and on their tummies they kicked their legs up.  They were delighted at how easy this was having their bodies helped in this way.

My youngest grandchild however was too nervous to let go and doesn't like her face in the water so we quickly turned them over onto their backs with the aquaplane on their tummies.  They loved this and we watched their confidence grow as they kicked around the pool on their backs.

We found the AquaPlane to be a fun safe swimming aid and really wanted to take some photos but due to the rules of the local swimming pool, photos are forbidden.

All I can say is if you have a nervous child or just want to provide a safe fun floatation to help your children grow in confidence in the pool then do give this a try.  You can adapt it in so many ways.  

Please remember though that it is not a life saving device and supervision is needed!"
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