"Mummy Pages" Review

"Mummy Pages" Review

Mummy Pages, who help mums get the most out of family life through their parenting website, reviewed our AquaPlane

They reported back to us that if your child is lacking in confidence in water the AquaPlane will definitely help: 

Teaching your child to swim is important. You can make it a fun exercise and can also ensure your son or daughter's safety when near water.  However, while it is a necessary part of growing up, some kids just don’t like the pool - usually because they don't feel comfortable in it. 

Thankfully, if you have lots of lessons, a gentle approach to teaching and certain swimming aids this will go a long way in helping your little one. 

In particular, a device that can help them feel comfortable, like the AquaPlane - a swimming aid that is worn on a child's back to help them float - will make a huge difference.  

Ideal for anyone lacking in water confidence or struggling with technique or positioning, the straps allow users to have free use of their arms so they can learn without any restrictions.

Its use doesn't stop there.

As your little one grows in confidence, the device can transform into a streamlined kickboard - perfect for fun and speed! 

Remember, whether you have visions of your child in the Olympics or not, the most important thing is that they know how to swim - so start now.