Review from WoodLawn Special School

Review from WoodLawn Special School

"Wow - the AquaPlanes have been a phenomenal success with lots of our swimmers who are now using them.  For most, they are now at the stage where by using the AquaPlanes, their arms are now free to undertake front crawl arm action and or reaching forward for toys etc.  Some are now even floating on their backs, wearing the AquaPlanes - and they hadn't done that previously.  Their confidence has grown enormously and as a result their swimming skills are improving and this has all happened in the last 2 weeks.

For those who are slightly less confident, they are using a noodle in conjunction with the AquaPlane, but I don't envisage they will be using the noodle very long.  We just need to build up a little more water confidence and they'll be in a position to remove the noodle and swim with the aid of the AquaPlane.

For some of our much smaller swimmers, although they were desperate to try the AquaPlanes, we think they just weren't the correct size/body weight for wearing the AquaPlane - so a small number of pupils went back to wearing armbands.  Given time, they will move on to wearing the AquaPlanes.

The bright colours and the shape (a rocket) are a definite attraction for our pupils wanting to try them.

Overall, it was a very positive experience and a great success for our swimmers.  It's a superb product and I will definitely recommend it to any parents enquiring about them.


Sonya McDonough of WoodLawn Special School.