Review from Get Out With the Kids

Review from Get Out With the Kids

Get Out With The Kids tested out the AquaPlane swimming aid for children, which they said may just be the thing your kid needs.

We approached Get Out With The Kids who has a young child learning to swim and he couldn't wait to give it a go. This is what they both had to say: 

So what is the AquaPlane?

“A multifunctional swimming aid designed to help children learn to swim at every stage of their development.”

It’s very similar to the SwimFin we reviewed previously, but a slightly different design that may be more versatile.

We headed off to the local swimming pool to give it a try.

Using the AquaPlane

The AquaPlane is very easy to set up. You don’t have to spend ages blowing, as you have to with armbands.

Just place on it on your child’s back in the correct position then adjust for size using the adjustable straps.

The device is quite streamlined so not too bulky or restricting for little ones to wear.

There were no complaints from my youngest that it was uncomfortable to wear.

There are three ways to use the AquaPlane:

  1. Attached to the child’s back, as a back float, which is useful in the early stages of swimming to build confidence and improve ability.
  2. Removing the straps using for training stroke development.
  3. A performance tool to build stamina and strength.

We found it to be really versatile.

My little tester thought it was just going to be strapped to his back, so was pleasantly surprised at all the things you could do with it.

Using it as a back float didn’t restrict arm movement or cause any obstruction to body movements.

Learning to swim and development of stroke technique is achieved over a period of time, so it’s difficult to comment on just one use on how well it has helped him progress with his swimming.

But the AquaPlane did its job very well.

We took off the straps and had a go at just using it as a float, practising arm movements and leg kicks (which need a lot of work on!!!).

Kids have short attention spans, and if you want them to enjoy swimming, then you need to add an element of fun, and the AquaPlane came up trumps. We had fun playing with it, pretending it was a rocket, pulling my little one round on it.

Here are a few words from my little tester:

"It was quite light. I liked all the different games we could play with it. I really liked jumping in and trying to land on it." 


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