The SEN Resources AquaPlane Review

The SEN Resources AquaPlane Review

The SEN Resources Blog is an award winning site that Georgina (a mum of two and qualified teacher/former head of Special Educational Needs in a Secondary School (SENDCO)), founded initially to share her thoughts, recommendations and ideas of learning resources and activities for children with special educational needs.

Here are Georgina's thoughts on our AquaPlane swimming aid. 

AquaPlane is fantastic, multi-use swimming aid that has been endorsed by Olympic and Commonwealth Swimmers. To start with it’s worn on the back of the child to keep them buoyant and allow for full movement of their arms and legs, then as the child gains confidence you remove the adjustable straps and can use the AquaPlane as a kick board to hold onto.

What we liked about it?


The AquaPlane, with its bright colours and streamlined shape, is clearly designed with fun in mind. The first thing my little one said when I strapped the AquaPlane onto his back at swimming was ‘I’m wearing a Jet Pack!!!’ He was incredibly excited about his new swimming aid and really enjoyed trying it out.


The great thing about the AquaPlane is although it’s brilliant fun it’s certainly not a novelty product. It has real longevity as it’s designed for the various stages of a child learning to swim. We are currently still using it on our little ones back, providing him with buoyancy whilst he is learning to swim and gaining confidence. It also made sure he was learning in the correct swimming position as the float is on his back. But as he progresses we can use it as a float to hold and practise strokes and a kick board to help him develop stamina. It’s nice to know it’s something that we can use for a long time to come.


My favourite thing about the AquaPlane is the confidence it can give children. And in my experience, being confident and happy in the water is key to being able to learn to swim. Children can face all sorts of barriers when it comes to swimming, from anxiety and a fear of water to physical disabilities. In my opinion, this swimming aid has the potential to help break down many of these barriers. If you haven’t seen AquaPlane’s Instagram video of an inspiration boy called Ishmail yet, who was born without arms and is shown swimming across a swimming pool using the AquaPlane, watch it here. I asked the creator of AquaPlane about this video and he explained that through using the AquaPlane Ishmail can now swim and competes in para games! Isn’t this fantastic!


*As with any product. Please remember to always read the instructions provided with the product from the manufacturers carefully before using the AquaPlane and ensure a responsible adult is looking after the child in the correct way using it. We take no responsibility for the safety of this product or the child using it.

**Please note we were sent a complimentary product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.