Swim Stars swim school Review

Swim Stars swim school Review

The AquaPlanes have been great. The children love the colours.  They are easy to put on and we’ve even found they work great upside down for some younger swimmers who were getting the nose of the plane stab them in the head. 

It’s been great for our developing swimmers who are almost there but still struggle to make 10m. It’s meant we can send all the children off together at the same time, knowing they are safe but also meaning they can really work on technique without the need to scrabble for breath!! 

It’s worked well for our swimmers who like to spend the whole time underwater not listening to instructions! 

As a teacher I’ve felt that all of the children are safer in the water and generally get a chance to swim more because we don’t have to wait and do 2 at a time. 
I’ve never really been a fan of any floatation aid but it’s changed my mindset. So yes we are really happy with them!!

Thank you. Thank you. 

Zoe Ellis Swim Star Swimming School